G Younger: Favorites

1: An Ordinary Teenage Sex Life by bluedragon
bluedragon's An Ordinary Teenager Sex Life Series is the one all writers shoot to emulate. If you are a fan of coming of age stories you have to read his.
2: Summer Camp - Book 1: Susan by Nick Scipio
Another Coming of Age series that I love. I think he may have named the stories wrong because there is much more than summer camp at a nudist colony going on here. Read and enjoy.
3: A Flawed Diamond by Jay Cantrell
I love sports stories and Jay pulled me in with Flawed Diamond. The action on the field is believable. The baseball is wrapped around a good story also.
4: Human Phoenix by Refusenik
This one has a touch of SF. Refusenik is a new writer that show a lot of promise.
5: Playing the Game by Rev. Cotton Mather
I love coming of age sport stories. Rev. Cotton Mather has created a classic. Not really a big fan of soccer, but he made me want to read more about it and actually watch a game or three.
6: Nick, High School by SmokinDriver
I think this might be SmokinDriver's best story yet. If you haven't read him, start here. You will fall in love with his work.
7: Silver Wings by Joe J
This is one of the best stories I have read on SOL. Little or no sex... Just good values.
8: Dilemma by Joesephus
Not normally a fan of wife cheating stories. They seem to go overboard on the revenge. This one actually caught me by surprise. Be for warned. This is more than just a cheating story... It is a tear jerker with a surprise.
9: The Defenceman by Cold Creek
This is another sports/coming of age story - series actually. The only problem I have is that Cold Creek has basically not finished the last book. We get posts once ever X-mas time. I think I will be 100 by the time he is done.
10: A Blossom Fell... by Dag123
This is one of the best short stories I've ever read. Take a moment and read it - you will be glad you did.