Mahir: Favorites

1: Alice's Marriage in Wonderland by Obsessive_Lesbian
It's very erotic and full-of-lust story.
2: Tasty Melons, Tasty Tarts by Obsessive_Lesbian
This story is as tasty as its title.
3: My Mother, My Love by Obsessive_Lesbian
It's one of the most beautifully written lesbian stories I've ever read.
4: Saintly Dream Comes True by Obsessive_Lesbian
The story line follows some interesting thing about dreams and is twisted with a good sex scene.
5: Pleasure Under Knots by Obsessive_Lesbian
The threesome lesbian sex is briliantly described here.
6: The Beauty and the King by Obsessive_Lesbian
The marvellous portrayal of a lesbian FTM tranny who lusts after curvaceous chicks.
7: A Tale of Loss and Lust by Obsessive_Lesbian
A unique story about the lesbian tribe and some steamy foursome scene.
8: My Sister Is My Wife by Obsessive_Lesbian
The heartfelt love felt mutually by the two sisters is the pivoted element of this story.
9: When Her Husband Was Away by Obsessive_Lesbian
It's another lesbian threesome story which may arouse the readers in lust.
10: Love Knows No Limits by Obsessive_Lesbian
I loved reading this story. The romance and love rules through out the story plot and the sex scenes are awesome!
11: Clashed Preferences by Obsessive_Lesbian
This story is really great and craftly written! I liked the lesbian sex scenes and specially the dialogue between three characters.