Celtic Bard: Favorites

1: Ballad of the Samurai by Chaos Samurai
This story started out promising and I enjoyed reading it and anticipated more, but was disappointed when Chaos Samurai stopped posting in the middle of the sequel. The concept was good and I liked how the characters were developing at the point he stopped. If s/he happens to read this, please continue.
2: Doing it all Over by Al Steiner
Another story concept that I loved. Time travel stories are not rare, but good time travel stories are and this is one of them.
3: Pagan O'Rourke by Indomitus
Being part Irish, I loved this story. Nothing like good Celtic mythology woven into a story set in today's world. I loved the characters and the story was entertaining while not getting bogged down in the social commentary the author slipped into the plot.
4: POW (Prisoner Of The Widows) by Joe J
This one made me wish Joe J was still writing, as I kept checking back with his page to see if he added any stories after I read this one. The story was very interesting and the characters engaging.
5: Second That Emotion by Latikia
This is a very interesting story that explores not only the relationships of the main character but the down side to power (supernatural and otherwise).
6: Sleepwalker by Shadow of Moonlite
The imaginative way in which the author weaves the paranormal with the thriller mystery story was excellent. The writing, the characters, and the plot line all flow fairly well into a very good story that leaves you wondering where it is going next.