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Peter H. Salus: Favorites

1: Ellen by Argon
I like (nearly) all of Argon's work. His "Hornblower" imitations are splendid. But "Ellen Trilby" gives the reader an excellent view of the period from George IV through William IV to Victoria.
2: Human Phoenix by Refusenik
Human Phoenix and its sequel for a fascinating ET/UFO/ESP story woven into a Bildungsroman of true complexity. I would really like Refusenik to attempt the next few years, involving university, marriage and (possibly) offspring.
3: Hunter by Lazlo Zalezac
I am a great fan of Zalezac. But I know that I'm incapable of writing a piece that actually involves bloody conflict. I admire the way that Zalezac has made this "real" and maintained his characters.
4: K2 by gwresearch
I get a real kick out of both of gwresearch's stories. But K2 somehow appeals to me more than Magestic. The mixture of spies, high finance, Nazis, the Church, and the locales in Northern Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the UK, France, and several "minor" sites make the concoction quite compelling.
5: Sea Fencibles by Argon
Another pseudo-Hornblower, Napoleonic Wars tale, excellently presented by Argon.