BarBar: Favorites

2: Australian Story by Oz Ozzie
A love story with a difference. Nicely portrays modern surburban Australia but the story could happen anywhere.
3: The Collar Around the Heart by Old Softy
Science Fiction is most impressive when used as social commentary. Old Softy seems to understand that in this delightful tale of a future that seems so similar to a past.
4: Dance of a Lifetime by Don Lockwood
A true classic longer erotic novel.
6: Rebecca Danced by EzzyB
A really nicely told teen romance story with a few twists to make it original.
7: Saving Sister by Shrink42
A number of Shrink42 stories deal with women putting themselves into a kind of voluntary slavery to achieve personal improvement. This is a terrific example of this type. A very caring family demonstrates the lengths they will go to in order to help their own.
8: Service Society by Lazlo Zalezac
Lazlo has written a number of stories where a fairly ordinary person or group of people come up with ways of living better or making the world a better place to live in. Each story is different and all are wonderfully uplifting. Service Society is the most recent of those. Also check out Commune, A Different Sort of Lifestyle, Country Boys, The Millionare Next Door and any number of others.
9: Snowplow Extra by Wes Boyd
Just one of Wes' great stories.
10: Thoughts, Sensations and Emotions by Ms. Friday
Another outstanding "Mind Powers" story. The plot twists and turns and the central character is wonderful.
11: A Touch of Death by Wine Maker
A great mystery/suspense story.
12: Uncle Randy and the Angry Niece by Russell Hoisington
A very deftly told story with two very believable main characters.