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Hello there,

I am looking for stories with lesbian sex only/ or at least it beeing the major part of the sex scenes.
A long story including a romantic relationship, good character development, can contain BDSM elements would be nice. But please no snuff, rape etc.
thanks vor your suggestions!


[yes, I do know the search function, but I am looking for your suggestions]

Replies:   joyR  darrok


Try one of the current stories entered in this years Clitorides.

Degrees of Freedom


The 'Tales From Silks' universe by Ahaz has several lesbian stories that are worth reading.


Once More With Feelings by The Night Hawk.


Mittens by Featherwatt and its following sequels. They are cute and often break the fourth wall.
Not here unfortunately, so you will have to search and possibly pay for a few.

Updated: wrote some good stories in that vein. There was one (her last) which I *really* did not like but it seems to have been deleted, I think it violated SOL's age restrictions anyway (and it was not Nollie!).



Replies:   Vlad_Inhaler


Nollie is the story referenced in Janna's last blog entry, it is not the story - centered around young twin girls - which probably violated the age restrictions here.
Look at the summaries and make your choices, just make sure "Shirley Jean" is one of them.



Can the story contain rape as an off-screen theme? And a big dose of over-the-top political propaganda? If yes, the B.J. Jones story would be a fit.

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