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Give me your favorite Stroke Story


Even the one that is Premier member and mostly the premier member ship one

awnlee jawking


In a couple of Mystery Writer's stories, the main character suffers a stroke.




In rowing, stroke is the action of propelling the boat with oars, and also a rower seated closest to the stern of the boat. The stroke side is the port side of the boat. There is at least one story on SOL where one of the activities of the main character (hero) is rowing and the coxswain yells Stroke! a lot.


This story is told from Gloria's point of view. A girl spending summer at camp and starts a type of romance with a boy. Their scenes advance as he takes her on a canoe and teaches her how to stroke with oars.


I always think of the beautiful coxswain Nikki yelling "Stroke!" in


Isabele & seanski1969, please don't encourage the grinning dick. He's bad enough as it is. ;)

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In Richard's defense, AJ started it. ;p

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In Richard's defense, AJ started it. ;p

hahahahahahaha! :D



grinning dick

It is Shagrin not grinning Dick. And Richard isn't Dick, the hard might be. Every man wants to be Rich and hard. And Shag with a grin. It may be more of a British expression, to shag. Here in the US, carpets are sometimes shag. Also Senior Housing Assistance Group, my landlord.

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Ernest Bywater


back to the request.

So much of the story plot develops from and around the main character's grandfather's stroke, so I nominate Car 54 by dotB

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It is Shagrin not grinning Dick.

As long as you come to court wearing your Fools Cap and shaking your Marotte, you shall remain the Grinning Dick. It is an appropriate name for the SOL Court Jester.

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