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A lot of sex from teen girls PoV


Hi. Like title says, I'd like to find some stories that are from a teen girls point of view, with a lot of sex. Examples that I've liked are Angela Transformed and Melissa's Secrets. I prefer it to be consensual, with the girl discovering sex and how much she likes it. I doubt I'll find an other story like this of the length of Melissa's Secrets but the longer story the better, as I read a lot.



I've read both those stories and this one fits well but is much lighter than Angela Transformed.


Sex from a teen girl's point of view is found in mnay of my stories.

Not the whole story, mind you, but they get to talk about it from their point of view.


rlfj's Memoirs of a Young Victorian Lady series might fit.
Tammikinz's 'My Little Sister'
Janna Leonard's 'Nollie'
Dark Vision's 'Lady Guinevere'
Cindy for Sin's 'Close to Home' (unfinished)


2 stories that may or may not be here are 1969 (a), and 1969 (b) by TheXXXee. Not a teen but s grad student. Very well written.
BTW I have copies of 5 of his/her stories, including those above. All young adult.

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