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Master preg sis


Just recently finished mypenname's latest incest harem story and was wondering what others would recommend for tales of sisters submitting to their brothers and asking for babies. Looking more for romantic rather than abusive dominance.



Lubrican has several of those.



samuelmichaels makes a very good recommendation, as Lubrican writes romances, many of which involve incest and pregnancy, and a smaller portion of which involve harem-like relationships, although most of his haremish stories only have one sister as part of the harem, in general the rest are her circle of friends.

However, one series does involve a number of sisters, The Making of a Gigolo. I don't recall if any of them became pregnant; it's been a good many years since I last read it.

Abusive dominance does not occur in a Lubrican story, at least not as something being done by a protagonist; it may be part of someone's back story, something the MC aids them in recovering from; when this occurs it is not described in detail.



Try Dark Vision's stories "The Lottery" and "Lady Guinevere". The third story, "Unique Adventures", is unfinished but good as far as it goes. DV's contribution to the Naked in School universe, "Jonathan and Jackie", is a different approach to the NIS world and it touches on sibling mff.

No pregnancy and no overt violence -- just a spanking or two.

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