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Space opera


Looking for some great space opera. Sex not necessarily. Thanks.





How about popping over to SciFi-Stories and looking up, for example, E.E.'Doc'Smith's work?


Cobalt Dragon's "Scales Like Stars", Tefler's "Three Square Meals".

Damn, forgot how to link!

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Dragon_Cobolt Scales Like Stars
Tefler Three Square Meals

StarFleet Carl


Looking for some great space opera.

In dead tree format okay?

First book in the series - On Basilisk Station, by David Weber, published by Baen.


So far, I've read all of them. Right now I'm re-reading The Private.

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Did you look over the previous thread on this subject? The thread on MC GET ALIENS TECHNOLOGY.. also has at least a couple.

ETA Look at the lists here and here for more dead-tree suggestions; I'm currently re-reading John Ringo's Looking Glass series


Franklin Hamilton's "Deadnight Trilogy"

I think that was it anyway.



There are also a few which lack the tag like (alphabeticaly):
Brian in the Dark with the Dizyntk Imperium universe
John Wales with 'Tandra' and 'Sapce'
Green Dragon Stories
Most of Ka_Hmnd stories qualify but are on the short side.
'Arlene and Jeff' by Rouswriter

Stories elsewhere or which were removed:
aesexual_pseudonym had a long trilogy here (now removed) which and up partly as a Space Opera.

Gina Marie Wylie has a few stories set in the Kinsella universe over at BtFH and Amazon.

Fel with the Subjugation universe at Sennadar

Bruce Bretthauer with the Famillies Universe also at BtFH and Amazon

artie had a few Space Opera stories over at asstr.


Thanks for all the suggestions.


Another one that I like is she has a few mistakes here and there but I think it is a good read. Rod


Another good writer in dead tree land is Elizabeth Moon, I like the Vatta series of novels.

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