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wounded warriors


having just re read lucky Jim 2 again i was wondering if anyone could recommend stories surrounding wounded warriors from either what ever caused the injury or from rehabilitation onwards etc i would in particular like recommendations for dog handlers/training/breeding if there are any for the services etc thank-you in advance

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Dual Writers Florida Friends series has MC(Chuck Johnson)as a handicapped vet who becomes a US Deputy Marshall but no dogs,sorry.

Ernest Bywater

IF you can find a copy, A Country Boy Can Survive by JRyter would fit the bill perfectly, but he's pulled all his stories but one. You may be able to find it on the Wayback Machine or elsewhere.


@Ernest Bywater

Wayback Machine only works as a preview of SOL. To read the full story, you have to login, and that's impossible on Wayback Machine.




Dual Writers Florida Friends

Steve Sharp was also a handicapped vet I believe. I don't know how much of a disability the loss of normal function of that leg would amount to however. But it was because of a war wound.


honkytonk hero by joe j


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i have loved and read the florida friends seris several times and im waiting for more from the series in the future


@Ernest Bywater

ive read and enjoyed the story and miss the writing of jryter on sol



brilliant recomendation and a brilliant read always one i go back to read if im at a loose end



Not dog handling but the Saint Clair stories from Todd_d172 and 'Melodic Redemption' by oyster50 center around people who took serious wounds in battle and are now trying to deal with it.


Fifteen Month Deployment by Daghda Jim



Not normally one to hype my own, but I have one.

No service dogs in this one, but a wounded Vet and his struggles.



https://storiesonline.net/s/11339/the-grim-reaper-romantic-story has some of that, but no canines.
https://storiesonline.net/s/44826/in-the-navy (less) and
https://storiesonline.net/s/74291/sea-fencibles (more) by Argon also have no canines.
https://storiesonline.net/s/13438/rebirth (by Lumpy) sort of fits, but no canines.

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https://storiesonline.net/s/74291/sea-fencibles (more) by Argon also have no canines.

Objection! There was any number of old seadogs in that one :o)

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I sit corrected!

Thinking about it, Return From the Dark Side would also qualify - with the usual caveat - as would His Lucky Star.


my own Melodic Redemption has a protagonist who was wounded in Iraq and came home. Dealing with it is part of his journey to finding and claiming his mate, who claimed him just as hard.

Ernest Bywater

reposted story fits request


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