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Wes Boyd


Just learning of of Mr. Boyds passing i wanted to leave a note to anyone looking for good story to pass the day. Wes boyd was a great author and you should start your serach there.
I am greatly sadden to know that spearfish lake will grow no more.

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Capt. Zapp


Here's another thread about Wes' passing.
Wes Boyd



There are eight novels following the one currently posting that are in condition to publish.

His daughter and son-in-law are committed to getting them posted, and available for purchase, continuing the existing schedule. All proceeds will go to assisting his widow.

For as long as the website is not a negative cash flow, they plan to keep it going; they understand the concept of keeping a revenue source going as long as it is cost effective.

Posts may be a bit eratic for a bit, as they have to learn the system, at the same time as learning how to run the newspaper.

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It's my understanding that Wes had been training his son-in-law and daughter respectively to take over those tasks.

Wes' daughter has been the business manager of the paper for a number of years.

There might be some issues when the next book starts, but the regular posts should continue as usual although perhaps posting later day than when Wes usually posted.

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although perhaps posting later day than when Wes usually posted.

That was when he first went into hospital, the son-in-law has worked that particular process out now.



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