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Wes Boyd


About an hour ago, Wes Boyd's daughter announced the Spearfish Lake Tales forum that Wes Boyd died on Thursday night (March 8th). I'm sure all his fans will want offer their condolences. They plan to post the remaining 8 books.


bleep bleep bleepitty bleep!

I knew he was getting up there in years, I knew he'd been having health problems, but bleep!

Thank you for posting this news; I don't check the Spearfish Lake forums all that often, since I always buy the .rtf when it comes out and read it straight through.

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As I have always believed. Storytellers, Musicians and other entertainers are only on loan to the world. We have to be grateful for their gifts to us dummies who can only appreciate their gifts. Although most of that appreciation only occurs after they are gone for the majority of the public.

Crumbly Writer

That God his family is committed enough to his memory to continue posting (and presumably editing and cleaning) those not yet published. How many of us have families who even know, or who would have the slightest idea of how to post stories?

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@Crumbly Writer

Partly that, and partly that they recognize that it will be a revenue source to help provide funds for his wife.

I don't know how many others have been purchasing his books, but I've purchased all of them, and at $19.99 a pop for new releases, and slightly less for the older ones, 52 books so far is a tidy bit of change. So if his daughter and son-in-law are willing to contribute the time to make it happen, this could be a helpful supplemental income.

Things may be a bit sporadic on updates for a bit, his son-in-law is having to learn the system for updates, etc., while his daughter get's up to speed running the newspaper.

Kinda reminds one of the section in Picking up the Pieces where Emily takes over the Bradley newspaper with no warning.

Fred C Dobbs

Oh no ... I am so sad! I can't think of any news that could hit me harder, even news of losing one of my remaining (but dwindling) family members ... Wes, through his writing was like a best friend with sage advice, trusted neighbor or favorite teacher ... How I love Spearfish Lake tales ... It was great how he would introduce a peripheral character in a book and then three books later that character would take the spotlight. He wrote of people you could count on, people who would do the right thing – who would help when necessary and ask for help when needed. I always feel better when I read one of Wes's stories, in fact, I save them for when I'm down and need a lift ... Works every time ... The best days ever were the Fridays I downloaded a final chapter of the latest serial ... Like finding a bag of gold – all for me ... I'm so sorry to lose you Wes ... I'm more thankful to you than I can express ... You are at peace now my friend, goodbye ... My sincere condolences you Amanda and Danial and to the rest of the family of friends and fans ... I share your loss ...

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Laz is going to add a note to Wes' profile

Crumbly Writer

@Fred C Dobbs

I can't think of any news that could hit me harder, even news of losing one of my remaining (but dwindling) family members ...

And yet, even though we keep losing tremendous talent, SOL keeps generating new authors to take their place. Some may not be great yet, but the better authors will percolate to the top in time. For the moment, unlike a certain 'kiddie-porn site', SOL is not only working and making money, but they continue generating the talent needed to keep it going.

By the way, Lazeez, please don't get run over by a bus anytime soon!

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

@Crumbly Writer

By the way, Lazeez, please don't get run over by a bus anytime soon!

I'll do my best not to.

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@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

I'm not sure removing the email link was necessary, I believe his family have access to it and they are going to carry the torch for a while.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


I didn't remove the mail link. Must be one of the family. All I did was put the last line in the profile.


http://www.toledoblade.com/Deaths/2018/03/16/Wes-Boyd-1947-2018-Reporter-went-on-to-own-weekly.html is the obituary.


For anybody watching his site via bookmarks and not finding the next story (Plain Jane), note that the current webmaster has made a little boo-boo and to see the latest changes you need to go to spearfishlaketales.com/index.html rather than spearfishlaketales.com/index.htm as you would find in a bookmark or links in the stories.

ETA: It's fixed nw (2018-06-12).

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