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Groundhog Day - Timeloop stories


I recommended "Mother of Learning" several times, but are there any other good, long Timeloop novels?

repeated Time-Travel is also okay.
Or "last-effort" type of stories where the MC is in the last Loop (either through mental exhaustion or ending of the technology fueling the loop) and has to make it work with the knowledge of the countless loops beforehand, like the RWBY Fan-Fiction "Not this time, Fate".

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I recommended "Mother of Learning" several times, but are there any other good, long Timeloop novels?

Well, there is Replay by Ken Grimwood.

Geek of Ages

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, by Catherine Webb, is also really good, if you're looking for a professional novel that uses a time loop of sorts as a conceit.


Thanks, will check it out. although Replay sounds more like a DoOver.

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long Timeloop novels

The Aina series by hamminbyrd7
200.000 years long timeloop ;)


Faster than light series by Timm.


There's play it again, Sam. Incidentally, it was nominated for a clitoride.


*answering my own thread*

I recently read a WIP Joffrey (ASoIaF) time-loop story. Was something else.



Replay is much like the later movie, "Groundhog Day."


This Friday the 13th


by Ms Friday. The MC has reappeared in new incarnations for over 1,000 years. A very good story IMO.


Replay would be more Groundhog's Twenty Or So Years rather than Day. Fantastic book, though, as is Harry August. They're both similar and very different takes on a similar premise. I especially liked the wider community that communicates through time in Harry August.


The Chance — a series by Old Man with a Pen

The life and Death of David…more than once.

I just finishes reading the series today.

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