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The Demon Whisperer

I am looking for a story that takes place in a Viking world (be it mythical or not).

The usual story 'perks' apply: Male MC, Long Story, no gay (male on male) scenes, good character development.

Hoping to find one with a more 'coming of age' aspect to it.
Thank you, in advance...

Replies:   Lapi

This universe: http://storiesonline.net/universe/455/scott-macfergus-surviving

Not 100% Viking, but lots of action involving Vikings.


'Uthred the Viking' by Zak. I haven't read the story, but from the title and description it should meet the criteria

Uthred was sent out into the world to make his fortune and prove is manhood.



Wilhan Dragonslayer - A ring sword saga by jj76. This is the one I was looking for. Good read. Some Viking but mainly Saxon. Pretty much the same thing, except Wilhan doesn't 'go a viking', that is going overseas raiding, which is where the Vikings got their name

A young warrior grows to be a man and fights to protect himself and his homeland with the help of a mysterious sword. Walk beside him as he builds his life on the blood of his enemies and the support of his family to become one of the most powerful men in his tribe. Set in a fictional world but (hopefully) historically accurate to the Germanic tribal era, with some Viking bits thrown in.


awnlee jawking

Didn't Vanessa Evans (?) write a sci-fi story about a viking, although IIRC it's no longer on SOL.

'Magician' by QM had a section ivolving a viking culture. No coming of age involved though.


Replies:   AmigaClone

@awnlee jawking

It was Vanessa Ravencroft, and she signed a contract that required her to remove her stories from most free websites.


Replies:   awnlee jawking
awnlee jawking


It was Vanessa Ravencroft

Thanks for the correction. I read some of her other stories but never did get around to the Viking one :(



In my fantasy story 'Law of the Blood' the MC is the heir of the throne of a nation called Norgar. They represent my version of a norsemen culture like the Vikings. I wouldn't say it's a Viking-world, rather the Norgar play their part in this world. All the other criteria you asked for apply as well. Maybe you should give it a try.


"A Mankind Witch" by Dave Freer, Baen Books.
The ebook is actually no longer available, but IIRC it's on one of the Baen CDs.


Replies:   JohnBobMead


but IIRC it's on one of the Baen CDs

CDs 13 & 23; The Ring of Fire CD, and The Eastern Front CD. CD 23 has it in ePub, otherwise both CDs have all the same formats.

I went through and indexed the CDs recently, just so I'd know what was on which.

StarFleet Carl

The usual story 'perks' apply: Male MC, Long Story, no gay (male on male) scenes, good character development.

If Nords (Bethesda's version of Norsemen) work and you don't mind a female MC, then I've one for you.


I am rewriting it, as over the course of the year it took me to write it in the first place, my style changed (for the better).


@The Demon Whisperer

I have a started story named, 'War Maiden' that may have some, possibly all your aspects. Right now it has options to take it from battle scenes and political intrigues to romance and strong character development. It is only at a prologue and chapter one.

If you mail the specs to Lapi on SOL, I will try to incorporate them into the story. Lapi is to be the 'Pen' for this story and is listed in authors here.


I can offer two by Smilodon. He vanished completely over ten years ago so his stories are all premier members only.

http://storiesonline.net/s/42640/vinland fits.
http://storiesonline.net/s/37645/anglo-saxon-chronicles is from the point of the Anglo-Saxons fighting the Vikings.

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