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LF Recommendations


Hi guys,i'm new here at storiesonline,so i only known a couple of stories, and i would like to read more...
im looking for a medium to long story with erotica/sex,
TAGs that i dont like: cuckold,NTR,homosexual,swinging(its okay if it is a minor thing)
stories that ive read and liked (im aware that somes are guilty pleasure):
Deja vu ascedence
hindsight 20/20
learning curves
six times a day
my journey
thanks in advance



If you liked My Journey then you'll probably like the Stupid Boy series by G. Younger


LF Recommendations

Low Frequency Recommendations?

L Westron

"Living Next Door to Heaven" and "Model Student" by aroslav might be worth looking at

Ernest Bywater


depending on the amount of sex you want there's
268k words
114K words
53k words
44k words
55k words
34K words
275k words with most sex in the first quarter of it

I tend to write a lot of novel (40K words) length or longer stories, but most are no or minimal sex other than the ones above.



Terran Trader


A Fresh Start by rlfj

Gold by Bigzeke

Lucky Jim by FantasyLover

Millionaire next door

Daze in the valley

Just a few for you

Regards G_R

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