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Son Dominating his Mother



So I have a specific fetish, type, that can only satisfy my hunger (probably will need therapy in some point). It involves around only a specific genre of story/videos. Mom and son incest. However it does not end there. See if it was only mom and son then I don't find it as interesting as it becomes a normal relationship after the taboo factor. However I want that adultery to continue in many forms. While ofcourse keeping the taboo of mom and son. The adultry should be in nature of the mom as the son should be romancing/using/and abusing his mom (as most kids do once they get bored with thier toys) The mom on the other hand has her basic instincts as a women but most importantly she is a mother and will do anything for her child.

OK so that was a long explanation of why. But what I am looking for is stories similar to where the son dominates the mother and she eventually gets pimped out. (not interested in scat/gay/lesbian/or other women)

Some similar stories to that genre:

Where Will It End by Bend / Japa
-This involved the son acting innocent, the mother being blackmailed by someone unknown, and well you can guess where this leads - Many instances of her getting used by her son and co-workers

Across the Border By Clowns
-Mom and son go to Mexico, gets blackmailed, and mom gets pimped. Son does not play a part of dominance in this but its still hot.

Forlealelea: 8 Part Series by Rocketspeedfish
-This is by far one of my favorites. Why? Because not only does the son use the mom, exhibit her. But there is some serious character development where the lust turns into love.

And some more:
Devil of a Son by ur_null
Sophisticated mom to cheap slut by dilip
Catherine's Punishment by johhnyboy
A Bad Neighborhood by Ted E. Bear
Anita's Sex Sacrifice by Jethro Jodhpur
Single Mom's Incest: 2 Part Series

Please recommend some of the same Genre. Thank you!

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Have a look at a couple of Colt45 stories:





Harold Wilson

I'm surprised nobody mentioned it, but consider https://storiesonline.net/s/30025/making-mother-a-slut

It's premiere-only, but I think it's available elsewhere (maybe ASSTR?).

Son uses mom's computer to catfish her into sexual degradation with ... her son.

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@Harold Wilson

Where else can I find this story by making mother a slut?

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Read rule 4 here.


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Well first of all I did not ask with the intent to promoting another website.

But still I understand and I apologise for it.

Ernest Bywater


Read rule 4 here.

If a person asks about a story that can quickly result in a specific title and it just happens to be on another site and not on SoL the answer with the website is usually allowed to slide by. However, list a bunch of stories from a site or make a generic report about how great this other site is, and you'll find a lot of the forum participants will report the post and Lazeez will kill it.

Like Lazeez, most of us are fairly easy going and will let you do almost anything, within reason, but blatant misuse is usually not allowed.

Harold Wilson


Where else can I find this story by making mother a slut?

A little searching for the title on duckduckgo found it on six or seven sites. You should be able to take your pick - beware of malware.



Disrobing Mother by Dafney Cecil Dewitt
After The Party Is Over by Scorpio00155
Accidental Incest by George VI
Mom, my Cousin and Me by Jack Paterno, (rev) Jason Bourney
Son Takes Charge by NatashaXXX
Playacting by Scorpio00155
The Taking of Mom by Geminiguy
We Gang Rape Mom by PO469



Thank you all!

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