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Splitting the Polygamy/Polyamory tag to a seperate polygyny and polyandry?


Polygamy means "state of marriage to many spouses" and Polyamory is "the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the knowledge of all partners involved."

The difference between the two is pretty big, since polygamy insinuates marriage while polyamory does not.

Then there's the fact that the genders of the relationships are not specified with the current Polygamy/Polyamory tag. One story might be a usual harem, one guy together with a bunch of girls. An other story might be the same but one girl and a bunch of guys. An other story might have multiple guys and girls in a relationship.

All of these stories goes under the Polygamy/Polyamory, yet they are vastly different. Someone who likes to read about one guy getting it on with a bunch of girls might hate the reverse situation etc.

I therefor suggest that you remove the Polygamy/Polyamory tag and add 3 new ones: Polygyny (One man, more women), Polyandry (One woman, more men) and Polyamory for open relationships.

I know that some people hate when there's too many tags on a story, but I feel like Polygyny, Polyandry and Polyamory caters to so vastly different kinks that it could be warranted to have their own tags.

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Ernest Bywater

The situation is the only real difference between the two in stories is one is where they're allowed to have a legal marriage with multiple spouses and they other is where they set it up with informal marriages so they don't get arrested for bigamy. I doubt most authors would understand the fine points in the differences, nor would most readers. Add in most people know what polygamy is, but most don't know what polyandry and polygyny are so you're going to cause more confusion and make life harder for readers by being too specific.

I'd simply expand the explanation for the polygamy / polyamory tag to state it includes all of those situations and leave it at that. The fine detail could be included in the story description as to the M/F+ or F/M+ or F+/M+ type of relationship.

Edit to: add the tag should be shortened to just poly with all of the full words in its tag description.



While I understand your point and agree there are significant differences between the 3 words, I have to agree with Ernest.

Most people can't define the difference without looking up the words. I also like and agree with Ernest's suggestion for shortening the tag.



Take close notice of what REP says. He is always right, and knows infinitely more than the rest of us.

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Crumbly Writer


Take close notice of what REP says. He is always right, and knows infinitely more than the rest of us.

Play nice, boys. Let's not take the anger from one discussion and move it to every other discussion. If you wait, people will fight on their own, they don't need any help!

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@Crumbly Writer

Play nice, boys.

Surely CW, you aren't suggesting that my post is anything other than a genuine promotion of REP's magnificence. Are you?

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