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Automatic posting time


Can we get an option for a posting time other than 8 PM for automatic posts?

Ernest Bywater


as far as I know there is no set automatic post time. What happens is when you place it in the queue it goes into a queue which is shown to the moderators on the day set then it's up to when a moderator next looks at the list and processes the files in the list.

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Geek of Ages

It would be cool if moderators could look at things and clear them ahead of time, and then have them still post at a scheduled date/time.

Replies:   Uther_Pendragon

@Ernest Bywater

When I'm putting a story up for automatic posting at a future time, the dialog says, 'Not before, then the date and '8PM EST'.

I'd like to be able to change that time.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


I can give you the option of specifying a time, however that would only allow you to specify a time that it shows up in our queue and not the time that it shows up on the site.

After a submission shows up in the queue, it could be minutes or hours before it's actually processed.

I set it to 8pm because we're most likely available to post at that time.

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@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


That would be great. I'd like to push them out earlier in the day than 8 PM.

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It doesn't really matter, but I don't understand why it is critical for you to have the story posted before 8PM EST.

If you want the story posted so it can be read early on say Wednesday, schedule it for posting on Tuesday.

Crumbly Writer

@Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

I set it to 8pm because we're most likely available to post at that time.

I actually prefer the older system, where the posts would show up in the queue first thing in the morning. However, I can understand if that proved too onerous for the Admins, in which case, I propose listing them at noon, which gives the admins a change to post them whenever they have the time, rather than dumping them all on them at 8:00 precisely.

It seems you replace one problem (for the admins) with another.


@Geek of Ages


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