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Chapter displayed when a story opens


I have been having something odd happening on my computer. It isn't a really a problem, just something I can't explain.

What normally happens when I open a multi-chapter story to read the next unread chapter is – the story opens and displays the last chapter I read and I have to select the next chapter for reading.

Occasionally, the story will open with the next unread chapter displayed.

I have also noticed that this seems to happen with specific authors.

Is there a setting that authors can set that causes the first unread story to be displayed when a story opens?

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Dominions Son


Check your own profile preferences for SOL. When I open a multi-chapter story, it always opens to the index.

Under My Library Prefernces:

1. When Accessing a Multi-part Story:


Always go to index/cover first
Jump to last read chapter.

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As an aside to this, you are in a multi-chapter story half way through the chapter and wonder which chapter you are reading; hover your mouse on the story author/name in the header bar and everything is displayed.

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@Dominions Son

Thanks for the suggestion DS. I checked my setting and it is set to 'Jump to last read chapter', which is the setting I want.

However, I didn't change my setting. So all of the stories I opened should have opened displaying the last read chapter. Occasionally, a story will open to the next unread chapter; usually a new post. That makes me think there is something else involved.

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I know. I do that frequently when putting together a feedback to the author message.



there is something else involved

At the end of the last posted chapter of a serial story there is a link labelled "bookmark next".
Clicking on that, iirc, may result in the behavior you experienced at least for the next published chapter.

Geek of Ages


What in tarnation is a mouse, and how do I hover it over my phone?

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@Geek of Ages

More important - how do you do that without being bitten by the mouse.

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@Geek of Ages

What in tarnation is a mouse, and how do I hover it over my phone

You need something more up to date than a cleft stick and runner like a talking stick but hovering mice don't like even them



how do you do that without being bitten by the mouse.

get a rabies jab before you try

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