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Multiple listing of stories in author's section?


I was reading Todd_d172's stories and the site says there are 24 but there are only 17 unique stories(by URL). There are 7 repeat listing of stories. Is this an Author oversight or a database problem? I have seen this before but never bothered to confirm or ask about it.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


I see 24 stories, however, you may have your default settings screening some stories out. There are 4 stories listed as violent and some stories listed as lesbian - do you have your setting screening either of those tags?

Replies:   REP  limab

@Ernest Bywater

Good thought EB. I looked at the stories but didn't see an obvious reason.

Crumbly Writer

I had a reader point out something similar, the second page repeated many of the titles from the first page, leaving out other entirely, even though they are there. Checking with Lazeez, it turns out that this is a known bug in the story sorting mechanism. If you sort the stories by hand, you'll get unexpected results on the second page. He knows it, but has to completely redesign and recode the entire mechanism, so it's sitting on a back burner.

If you're having that problem, your best bet is to simply change the sorting back to alphabetical (just don't "RESET" it, otherwise it trashes your custom order, while if you "CHANGE" it to alphabetical, it'll save it so you can restore it later.

In my case, I wanted to sort my stories by series, so each story would fit under the preceding stories in each series in the correct order. Thus, every time I post a new story, I hand sort the list to get it to come out right. Thus, it won't really hurt if I have to recreate the entire list when Lazeez finally works out a solution. For now, readers will just have to search for the correct story alphabetically.

Replies:   limab

@Crumbly Writer

Thanks Crumbly, As it turns out I had already read most of the "missing" stories and hadn't realized it. I don't use custom sort so that wasn't the issue. If I know about it, I can work around it.

Again, thank you for your reply.


@Ernest Bywater

No, I keep the display as SOL standard and have none of the filters set. Crumbly Writer explained the problem and resorting does seem to cure it. What is, is.

Thank you for your reply.

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