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Body-Swap Round-Robin


- MC (boy) and his sister are on their last day of summer-camp
- sister invites 2 girls, she made friends with, over for an end-of-summer-camp sleepover
- the next day, MC wakes up as one of the girls
- after the panic for the 4 settled, they know that they all switched bodies. Brother to Girl B, Girl B to sister, sister to girl A and Girl A to brother.
- But they couldn't investigate this supernatural phenomenon because their parents picked them up before lunch.
- They weren't idiots and claimed outrageous impossible things and just hastily exchanged contact info. Apart from the sibling pair, they all lived in different states.
- after a mentally exhaustive day, they all fell asleep at "home"
- the next day, they awake ... at the summer-camp again but switched bodies to another round.
- The MC was now in his sister's body, sister to brother, girl B to girl A, girl A to girl B
- the day basically repeated himself, but the teenagers were in a different body.
- day 3, they awoke again at the summer-camp, the brother was in girl A, girl A to sister, sister to girl B, girl B to brother
- day 4, they awoke in the summer-camp again... in their own bodies
- day 5 MC wakes up as Girl B in her home.
- and round and round it goes.
- basically, they experience every day 4 times as the 4 different teenagers.

I first thought about not doing the "repeat the day as every character" but then I thought, this would be much cooler. Without the repeating days, they would only experience their real life every 4 days.
With repeating days, they would live all of the 4 timelines just in different bodies, making the bodies timeline their own. With all the internal and external drama it generates.

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Interesting concept. I assume you mean they live 1 day 4 times and progress to the next day and live it 4 times.




Also: For narrative purpose and structure, the 4 different timelines should be 4 different Novels.
the MC would still be connected to the other timelines, but for the purpose of an easy reading and following each timeline, it should be separated into different novels.

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