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Anyone interested in writing about growing up a spy?


I'd like to know if anyone out there would write a story about learning the tricks of the spy craft trade while growing up. Start young, 6 or 7 learning martial arts, languages, and lock picking then go from there. Weapons, following, escape and evasion, electronics, and things like that. The whole time the young man has no clue he's being groomed to be a spy until his late teen years.

Ban Adkins story about Rick Jackson seems to be heading that way, but it's set in the 50's and 60's. As much as I love Banadins story I'd like to see a more modern storyline.

I think it would be an awesome concept and could span dozens of chapters.

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about learning the tricks of the spy craft trade while growing up.

Most espionage does not resemble the James Bond or Hollywood's image of how a spy goes about their business.

One of the common real-world scenarios of espionage is Spy goes into office and sits down at his desk, he proceeds to read the foreign newspaper and extracts information from the articles. The information is put with other information and a pattern is seen. At that point more information is sought to support and flesh-out the assumed scenario. Some action is then taken based on the scenario. As an example, the scenario may lead to the belief that there will be a grain shortage in Russia, and the US repositions itself to aid Russia or make the situation worse for them.

A second scenario might be a US agent assigned to our Russian Embassy tells a Russian about information we want from their workplace. That person goes to work and makes a copy of the information, and then two meet and information and money are exchanged.

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