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new type of story

Mr Castle

Was just wondering if any author has tried or will try and write stories around the splinter cell computer games or something similar.

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@Mr Castle

If you are a paid member, enter computer game in the description block of the Advanced Search option. If not, I recall some but not all of the capabilities of that option are available to Free members.


@Mr Castle

splinter cell computer games

Others may know what you mean by that, but I'm not a gamer and the term is meaningless to me.

You may also clarify if you mean stories set within the game or stories about how the game affects the characters in the plot.

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Dominions Son


Splinter Cell is a series of first person shooter games based around covert counter terrorism operations.

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@Dominions Son

Thanks. I recall several stories here on SOL where the characters are in a game, but don't recall the details.


@Mr Castle

Seeing as the game was/is called "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" and that there is a good amount of books in the Splinter Cell universe the answer to your question is a resounding: It's already been/being done (just not here).

Regarding authors on this site: Nope, no one has stepped up to write something in that specific universe, maybe there's some stuff over on some fan-fiction sites that could be worth your while.

There's not much fan-fiction here and most authors seem to like their own universes or original stories more.
I believe the only universes covered on this site are Star Trek, Webber's Honorverse, Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Dragon Age games.

Mr Castle

Thanks. I was looking for similar stories mabey different characters, different story lines sorta thing not actually tom clancys style. Anyways thanks for the reply's.

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