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You can't take it with you or can you?


If you die owing more than your estate is worth you have essentially taken the difference with you.
That's one way it might work. I'm sure there are other ways. I like stories that show all rules have exceptions.

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There is a story about a man who wanted everything buried with him so his executor sold everything, put the money in a bank account and put the cheque in his coffin!
I can't remember the name or author of the tale

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Have you read Time Waits for No One by Von in your Mind. A DiD story about a lawyer who becomes a Hero.

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I believe I've read a story like that however like you I don't remember the author or title.

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I've read all but the latest DiD stories. My main reason for posting was the hope that I might give someone an idea for a new story. I don't write stories but I can plant seeds. If I plant enough of them maybe one of them will sprout.



believe I've read a story like that however like you I don't remember the author or title

I think it was Jack Spratt's Jokes and Giggles though I suspect it has been around the houses more than an overworked whore


That tale is an old joke where either a lawyer or wife cashes in all the assets, puts the money in a joint account with both names and writes a cheque for the total amount to the deceased and puts it in the coffin.
Jeffrey Archer wrote a short story many moons ago about a rich guy who was dying and wrote in his will that he wanted to be buried at sea in a lead lined coffin he had ordered. Unbeknownst to all his bloodsucker relatives he had cashed in all his money and the coffin was made of gold not lead - no one found out he had taken it all with him until after the funeral at sea and the will was read out

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