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Arranged Marriage with a TWIST


A guy finds out his family has arranged for him to get married to a young woman of close to his age. He says he'll only agree to the wedding if he gets to know her first. But he is told that can happen but they can't see each other in person on the day of the wedding. So for months he communicates with her first through emails and chat rooms. Then later on he is able to use apps like Skype to talk with her. When he sees her for the first time his breathe is taken away (figuratively) because she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. On the day of the wedding he is so excited he sneaks a peek at her before the wedding. He is shocked to see that she is not human but a centaur. Both his father and her parents catch him. One of her parents is human and the other is a centaur. They talk to the young man and he acts like he isn't sure how he feels about the fact she isn't human but he promises he'll keep his word and marry her. He tells them he needs to run an errand before the wedding. His Father doesn't stop him because he knows his son keeps his word. But he is still worried. He is a couple minutes late but makes it to the wedding. They get married and on the wedding night he gives her the gift he got while on his errand that made him late. It could be a video telling her how much he loves her and thinks she's perfect or it could be a love letter or something special.

Perv Otaku

See also Monster Musume and the rash of very similar manga that followed it.

Most centaur erotica I've noticed around seems to focus more on male centaurs having their way with human women.

Replies:   REP

I'll check that out. Thanks for the reply.


@Perv Otaku

Kid Wigger's Flight of the Code Monkey has a female centaur in the process of hooking up with a male human.

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