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were story


teen son of high rank werewolf does not know of his heritage.been taking herbal blocker, thinking it was for some other health issue,not to stop his werewolf self from coming out.the story is about what happens when he forgets to take it or it stops working.

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Dominions Son


I think the story you are looking for is Strange Days.

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@Dominions Son

Just read that, it was great!

If you know of any more good WERE stories, let me know please...

Dominions Son


Just about everything in Daniellekitten's Were-Animals universe.

Magic in the Moonlight

By Tooth and Claw

A Full Moon Phase

Intermitent Predator is incomplete and inactive, but it adds a few interesting twists along with a coming of age factor.

Blood Fang

Lizzie Moving In: Vampires and Were creatures in the Naked in School program.

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@Dominions Son

Thanks mate! I'll check them out



Morpheus has several were stories, plus some related in-universe stories.


Also have a look at Mike Cropo's universe, Wolves and Dragons of the Blood.


This is a very good story, althought it is not on SOL... it's a series of stories called:

Taren Kael's Sennadar Universe. at Worlds of Fel (

and you can catch any new stories by him at the Sennadar Forums (

It's 2 series of books in the same universe, the first is 5 books long and the second is 3 books long. It's set in a medieaval fantasy setting.


This is a universe of fantasy (mythology, were-wolves, were-cats and other were animals, powerful wizard magic and sorcery to name a few items). Tarrin, his life and world are changed in drastic ways. Follow him as he adjusts to his new life and overcomes many obsticals

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Wow, I'm mid way through the first book, and I remember reading this year's ago, it's like reading it all again

Replies:   gwydioncomyn


Your welcome!

I hooked my wife on it as well...

and if you are into Telepathic Elves, he has a series about them as well... called Subjugation

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