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Al Steiner... Still around?


Please forgive me if I missed an earlier post that said where/what he's up to now. Have read almost all of his stories and was hoping that he would be finishing "Traveling Without Consequences"
I'm definitely a fan.


He had a blog post at the end of 2011 indicating that he was really busy and didn't have much time for writing. He hasn't posted any chapters of any stories since 2009. I haven't heard any news, but I think it's safe to assume that he isn't writing anymore.

Here is his blog if you want to read his last post:



Our Loss!!!


Definitely agree. He is a very talented writer, and I hope he pops up again sometime.


Hopefully he gets the bug again...


Regardless at least his stories are still around to be enjoyed. And from what I have seen his stories do give ideas from time to time to other storytellers.

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