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Intemperance II

September 20, 2018
Posted at 7:00 pm

Intemperance II has now been made available in Kindle version on Amazon, joining Intemperance I and Homebodies. The paperback version of Intemperance II is currently having some sort of technical issue with Kindle Direct Publishing, but I'm working on solving those issues and, hopefully, it will be available in that format soon as well. Currently, I'm outlining and prepping the next Intemperance story and working to edit, rewrite and make presentable the Greenies novel for publication. Greenies, I should point out, will need to be two volumes due to the sheer size of it. I am not making it two volumes for profiteer reasons -- as I have already been accused of more than once -- but because there is a limit to how many pages can be printed in one volume and I write large word counts.

Yet another update

September 2, 2018
Posted at 4:10 pm

I am continuing to make some of my work available at Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. This is not primarily for profit, although it would be nice to make a little money, but to establish irrefutable copyright on my work. Several times now some slimeball or slimeballs has tried to publish my stories on Amazon claiming them as their own. Each time this happened, it was fans from this site who caught it and called them out on it and got the stories pulled -- I found out about this later, as this happened during my school period when I was not monitoring what happened with this site or my writing. I thank sincerely those fans who did this for me, by the way.

In any case, Homebodies, the story I just finished, has become available in Kindle and paperback format today, joining Intemperance Book 1. I will next format and publish Intemperance II. After that, I'm thinking I'll get Greenies out there, although that one is lengthier than my other works and will require two volumes (I did not realize how lengthy my novels were until I started putting them in manuscript form--Intemperance I and Homebodies are both War and Peace level manuscripts as far as word count goes).

Update on my projects

August 28, 2018
Posted at 2:01 am

I have just finished the clean-up of Homebodies and am in the process of posting the edited chapters one by one. No major changes in the story except for the first chapter, just cleaning up the minor errors that have been pointed out to me as I go along. I am sure I did not get every last one of them, so bear with me.

Other projects. I have just published the first volume of Intemperance on Amazon as both a paperback and a Kindle download, so feel free to search for those and review them. The story has been cleaned up and the last few chapters re-written in a more realistic fashion. If that works out for me, I'll publish Intemperance II as well and then some of my other works. I also plan to publish Homebodies in that forum over the next few weeks just because I particularly enjoyed that tale and definitely want a printed copy for myself.

As for writing, I plan to start working on Intemperance III soon. We'll see how that goes. Getting the original story in shape for publishing has inspired me.

Homebodies rewrite

August 13, 2018
Posted at 4:16 pm

I have just posted the rewrite of chapter one of Homebodies so the backstory matches the rest of the Greenies/A Perfect World universe. I will continue to correct the errors in subsequent chapters and repost as I go. For those of you who feel the need to point out minor errors without otherwise offering criticism or expressing enjoyment of the tale, your day has come.

Homebodies is complete

August 11, 2018
Posted at 12:49 am

I just posted the epilogue of Homebodies minutes ago, thus finishing the first novel I have completed since A Correct Destiny back in 2008. This story has been important to me and my self-esteem as a writer. Back when I decided to start pursuing my RN degree and make a change in my life, I had to give up writing because I just did not have the time for it and something had to be sacrificed to allow my education to progress. I missed writing terribly and was not able to stay completely away from it. Over the summers I wrote short stories such as "A Lesson Regarding Humanity" and "The Minivan Man" just because I had to. Homebodies, I started just after finishing the hardest of the nursing school prerequisite classes, before I could start applying for nursing schools, but while I had the easier classes such as Human Development and Physical Education, and Speech to complete. That brought the story up to Chapter 7, but I never posted any of it for two reasons. One was because I knew if I got into nursing school soon I would not be able to complete it. Two was because I started the story with the intention of trying to publish it under my real identity. That was why some of the details of Chapter One and the backstory do not match the rest of the Perfect World/Greenies universe (I will correct those on re-write).

As things turned out, I did get into nursing school and I did have to stop working on the story for two years while I underwent the hell of working full time as a paramedic on the night shift while going to school full time for my degree in my new profession, all while at the age of forty-five. I plowed through all this, managed to survive and graduate, managed to pass my boards, and got an extremely well-paying position as a ER nurse at one of the local hospitals.

Two things happened after this. I had a lot of time on my hands thanks to my new job. My schedule was three twelve hour shifts per week, which meant four days off per week. Plenty of time to write. I picked up Homebodies again with the intention of completing it. I saw one thing at the very start. I was never going to be able to pass the story off as anything but an Al Steiner piece. Even with the changes I made, it was too obviously in the Perfect World/Greenies universe. Anyone familiar with that universe would recognize it immediately.

The second thing I found: I couldn't write anymore. I suffered a major case of writer's block after all that time. I tried and tried to pick up the thread and just couldn't do it. The words would not flow. I must have started chapter 8 a half a dozen times in a half a dozen ways and none of them worked.

Eventually, I decided I would start posting the beginning of the story under the Al Steiner name on Storiesonline. That was what I did to get Greenies -- another stalled novel -- flowing again and I thought the magic might kick back in. I was both right and wrong.

I posted the first seven chapters week by week and people liked it (with a few exceptions -- seriously, as an aside here, if you don't like the story but have no real specific reason why, other than it just doesn't do it for you, why bother to write me and tell me that? Do you think that is helpful? Do you think I'm going to abandon the story because one or two people don't like it? But I digress...) so I picked up chapter 8 again and tried to continue. I still could not. I began to fear my writing talent had been the price for my new job and my new salary. I ran out of chapters to post and had no new one to offer. I thought I was going to have to leave another unfinished story in the archives -- and Homebodies was a plot that I loved more than almost anything else I've ever come up with.

And then Fate stepped in. It was a mixed blessing. A major medical issue hit me. I came close to dying, and I am not exaggerating that in the least. I had to have major surgery that involved splitting my sternum open. Everything worked out okay (although the experience left me a little fucked up in the head for a bit) but I ended up with three months off work while I recovered--the longest I have gone without going to work since my first job at sixteen. I picked up Homebodies again, hoping to find a way to pass the time until I could go back to work, and this time, the story started to flow once again. I finally managed to get that elusive chapter eight done and posted. From there, things came out just like they always had before. I put out five chapters before I started back to work, sometimes writing twelve to fifteen pages a day, just like in my heyday. The chapter where Gath gets wounded is a direct reflection of my personal experience during this time.

And now the tale is complete. The story that haunted me and taunted me for so long has been told. I know now that I have not lost it and I will continue to write as long as I have the faculties to keep doing it.

So, that's my sob story. I hope you all enjoyed my tale. Please, if you can, refrain from asking me if I'm going to work on Intemperance 3 (I most likely will, and soon), or continue with A Lost Generation or Traveling Without Consequences (I probably never will). I write what I write when I feel like writing it, and no pleas or demands are going to change that. My next immediate project is to start putting the first two Intemperance books into Amazon format and selling them online in book and Kindle format, so look for that. Otherwise, I will go where the wind blows me.

Good night and good sex to all. Thank you all for hanging with me and for not forgetting about me,

Al Steiner