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Looking for a Sci-Fi Military Story


Hi, I'm looking for a sci fi story and i just can't remember the name.

I remember the following plot details:

- Alien space ship crashed on earth in the past

- Landslide occurs and protagonist finds an alien suit

- Protagonist becomes fleet admiral

- Need to defend against a nomadic fleet of aliens

I just can't find the story or remember the title.

I hope someone can remember the name and where to find it.


Found it thanks to @limab

It was Finders Keepers by Shakes_Peer2B

Ernest Bywater

sure it's a suit he finds and not a ship?

Tandra by John Wales has some of the items you mention like the ancient ship being found following a landslide on his property.

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Try Finders Keepers by Shakes_Peer2B

Did the alien die of a mosquito bite?

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@Ernest Bywater

Although I can't remember the name of the story I do remember it. It was about 10 years or more ago and the opening scene took place on or near highway 84 between Sunol and Livermore in central California. MC was commuting home from work in a rainstorm. I don't have a premier membership but a search for the cities named or the highway might find it.

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limab beat me to it. Good job!




That's the one I was looking for. Thank you very much!


@Ernest Bywater

Thank you, that's not the story, but it looks interesting and I'm probably going to read that one later.

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