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Cheerleader(?) bet nerd massage - trained by his sisters


I'm certain I read it on SOL years ago, but can't find it using these key words in an advanced search.

My memory is foggy on details, but a HS cheerleader goes on a date with a nerdy type to win a bet - maybe something about getting him to cum in his boxers without touching him. He ends up giving her a very powerful, sensuous massage when she gets muscle cramps from her cheerleading practice. massage leads to more dates and eventually they have sex where she has mind-blowing orgasms. Seems he was trained by his three older sisters in the art of massage and also sex. IIRC, all activity takes place in his van.

(It's possible I've combined a couple of stories in my memory, but it's definitely not ElSol's El Sobador.)

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awnlee jawking


I remember a plot where a nerd turns the tables by providing the cheerleader with the massage you describe, but I can't for the life of me track down the title/author. Please let me know if you find it.



Lubrican The Cheerleader Blues (Premier only).

Sorry to say, but it came up on page 1 of advanced search by content.

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awnlee jawking


That's not the one i was thinking of (although I can't speak for Wheezer) but I'm definitely going to read it!

ETA - damn, it was too short!

On further reflection, the story I'm half remembering was set in college, and I believe the cheerleader who lost the bet and got the massage - not in a van - recommended the nerd to her cheerleader friends.




page 1 of advanced search by content

Thanks! That's it. I completely forgot about the content search down at the bottom of the page. I was using description search.

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