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Looking for a few stories. These are the best descriptions I can remember. Thanks in advance.


The first story takes place in an ancient world. It's starts out with a God defending to their world and creating some law as a young warrior searches for his lost sister who had been sold into slavery. He finds her and they begin to develop a sort of harem for him.

The second story is a boy who is really good at piano goes to a music/arts school and meets these two girls. The story (I think) is about their adventures at the school.

The third story starts off with a teenage boy visiting his girlfriend and she breaks up with him. He starts dating another girl who is cold to everyone else but him. The boy is also rich because of (I think) investments that he made.

Thanks in advance:).


Can't ID the first or third but the second might be "Opus One" by Ryan Sylander.

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Yes that's it, thank you very much :)


the first one could be "law of the blood" by Robberhands

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That's it!!! Thank you :)

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