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Lost story - western


If memory serves me correctly the m/c marries a land owners daughter and buys into the family ranch to save it. During celebration,the father kills a bandit with his sword. The story happens in what is now California.I think it may also have a time travel element.


Sounds a lot like Goldfield Standoff by aubie56.


The real story of Orville Summinski begins in the California gold fields, but does not stay there for long. His family moves to Los Angeles and he winds up in the Mexican beer business. Through a mixture of luck and skill, he gains the support of his Mexican employer, marries a Mexican heiress, and becomes a Mexican hidalgo. How's that for a boy born in the slums of New York City? 8 Chapters.


In happyhugo's https://storiesonline.net/s/16104/brady-and-berta-boyd I think it was the mc's son who got into that situation. Either the son or a close friend / relative.
edit: You're welcome. It was the sword which reminded me of that tale.


Thank you Vlad.With what little I could come up with you hit it out of the park.Princelyguy,I've never read that one,but i am looking forward to it, thanks.

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