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Spaceships aliens and war


I'm looking for new stories about spaceships, fighting, aliens adventure and all that. So far i''ve read and enjoyed;
Wolves and Dragons
Flight of the cody monkey
Three square meals

I'm looking for stories that already have a significant amount written, atleast 1000kb in text.
Minimal to much sex

Any suggestions

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Dominions Son


For much sex, check The Swarm Cycle universe.


The five largest stories meet your size requirement.

Replies:   samuelmichaels

@Dominions Son

Maybe Subjugation and its sequels by Fel, Tandra and a few others by John Wales.

If regular books work, there are a ton of SF space operas on Amazon. For example, the first Honorverse book by David Weber is free: On Basilisk Station.

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A Terran Trader on Toolondo
Science Fiction
FantasyLover Voted Best Erotic Science Fiction Story 2016 and best Long Erotic Story of the Year 2016. Marc Parker makes four-year hyperspace round-trips to trade with the Karkallians, a race distant from Terra. He falls in love with a beautiful young Karkallian woman, all while dealing with different social norms between Terrans and Karkallians. He also has to deal with what he learns about her father. Inadvertently becoming involved in a political intrigue, Parker suddenly finds that he's now a target.
[More Info]
Tags: Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Slavery, Fiction, Science Fiction, Space, Incest, Polygamy/Polyamory
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Posted: 8/8/2016, 6:49:24 AM Concluded: 8/14/2016, 5:11:51 PM /

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Keltria — A Universe from the Mind of Kris Me
A catastrophic event devastated the Keltrians home system. They had been warned of the events to come, so they had seeded many worlds suitable for their people to move to. These are some of the stories of how their descendants survived on their new worlds.





A man with a past, not tied to anyone makes a startling discovery that changes his life and his perceptions of it.

Sex Contents: No Sex | Genre: Science Fiction

Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Space, Violent, Military, War

Size: 1337KB | Downloads: 569350 | Votes: 2867 | Score: 8.34

Posted: 2015-10-28 14:33:06 in progress Updated: 2018-1-25 03:28:52

Edit: Forgot about No Sex.


Faster Than Light - A Universe from Timm
Genesis Project by Mr. Marvel
Series of Stories - The New Federation...
The Alien Ship by Scorpionicus



And the second book: The Honor of the Queen


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The first 18 Honorverse novels & collections can be found on Baen CD 22, Mission of Honor

The most complete online repository of the Baen CDs is at szymon Baen CDs; it has all of the Baen Cds that were included with the hardcover editions.


Thanks a lot for the comments guys, much appreciated


Those Baen CD collections have a hell of a lot of good stuff on them. If I can direct you to CD13 - The Baltic War, and the book Legions Of Space, it has the novella Planet Run, which is one of my favorite space adventures of all time.


Another fun read is Starlight 300 by Jax.


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I remember that one. The most spelling mistakes ever in a story I managed to finish.



Have you tried The Destroyers a series by Monbade. Two of the stories meet your length requirements.




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His stories are fanfic in the Honor Harrington universe. Pretty good stuff.


Replies:   jimh67


Question on Honor Harrington series. I read the first several books many years ago and my vague recollection is that after the first three, there was more politics and palace intrigue than space opera so I quit. Reviews on Amazon and Audible are just as positive for the later books, so I'm wondering if I'm missing something.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater  sunkuwan
Ernest Bywater


Yes, in the middle there was a bit more of the politics included in the books to help explain the background for the space opera and to expand the central characters while opening the way for other conflicts to occur. Although the couple of book by Weber just after Jim Baen died and didn't have Jim's input are a bit more over convoluted than those before them.

The politics behind Honor's rise in authority and power help lay the ground work for some of the conflicts and events on Grayson and in Silesia. Thus there was a reason for it.



Politics was always a part of the books.
The military aspects and battles never dropped from book to book.

Although there was one part in the middle of the series that felt dragged. Don't want to spoil it.

Replies:   jimh67

DO not forget to take a look at the SciFi site associated with this one. There are a lot of out of print books there. Along with some newer stuff.

Replies:   paliden


What site is that?



What site is that?

Go to the SOL main page.

Down toward the lower left, there are links to SciFi Stories, and Fine Stories; these are SOL's sister sites.

Similer content, just with no Adult material, so safe for work, not blocked by various site blocking software.

There is some overlap of content, as a number of SOL authors also post their stories to these as well.




This is a sister site to SOL along with FineStories. You can find links to both sites from the home page at the very bottom on the left. Or is that the other right? Eh, bottom of page works.



What site is that?

added to the other replies.

And if that isn't enough sites, check out other sites that are mentioned from time to time in regards to either story recommendations or story search results. When one looks good bookmark the site unless your memory is better than mine.



PrincelyGuy, and

docholladay -

thank you.


R3: Honor Harrington books
In an interview one time David Weber stated that the original plan was to kill off Honor and transition to a different mc; her siblings, subordinates, or someone. I think the dragging portions was when he decided to keep her as the mc and had to shift the path of the story. While it may have drug a little bit it was still a pretty seamless shift.



Thank you, sunkuwan. I'll give it a try. About the only advantage of a lousy memory is that I have to go back and re-read the books I have and the experience will be close to reading them for the first time.

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