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looking for a couple of specific stotires


Would love to read these stories again, so thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

In the first story, which I believe was posted in the last year, a brother and 2 sisters find out that their mom wants to be dominated and they worry that she will leave their dad because she's unsatisfied. The siblings decide that, to save the family, the girls will become sex slaves to their brother so that he can learn how to dom, and then they will teach their dad so that he can master their mom. Along the way, the brother gains 2 more slaves from school, including his dream girl, and the sisters get boyfriends to join the party. Everyone winds up happy.

The second story was from a few years ago. A brother shares a bathroom with his sister and spies on her having sex in the shower with her fellow cheerleader. All three of them have crushes on each other and eventually become involved together. Some of the things that I remember are that:
1. the other cheerleaders are pretty slutty and the brother has sex with them too, with no one objecting.
2. all the cheerleaders love anal sex and one of them is super rich
3. at one point the sister gets upset that her brother and her girlfriend want to go on a date without her and gets in a car accident.
4. the siblings find out that their father had sex with their older sister that may not have been consensual.

Anyway, thanks again :)


The second one is probably Eldridge's "Conflicted" (and it's sequel "Conflicted in Paradise").


That looks right for the second one. tyvm oyster. :) I thought that would be the hard one.

Hopefully someone has an idea on the first one.


Should no one be able to help you you could always browse through all the stories with a fitting tag:

The stories are sorted by score so if you remember how well received it was (or if you have a personal score cut-off) it might not take too long to find it.
This only helps if the story was tagged correctly and was on this site.


I finally found it. It was "mixed messages" by Flavian

Thanks again :)

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