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looking a middle ages theme stories


Hi, im looking for middle ages theme stories preferably wars or time travel.

LonelyDad by Argon has several good stories in that time period.

Fantasy Lover has a couple as well: by Scotland-the-Brave

Trying to remember some more but those will get you started.


Just about any of the Damsels in Distress universe stories:


There is a story I think is called 5000 bc it was based in Briton. About the middle of the story a posh mature dame turns up,somebody with VIP will probably give you the link.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


this might be the one you mention

Synopsis: I was dropped somewhere in pre-history with no preparation, no resources and no warning. Somebody, somewhere was playing a magnificent joke and I was the poor schlub at the pointy end.


Look up - he had several historical stories set at various times in the past. He has been gone for over eleven years now and I miss him.

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