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newly wed


A man and woman are newly weds. Man loses game of pool and his wife has to have sex to cover his debt. She is taken from him and spends months looking for her. When he does find her he finds outshe was turned into a whore. She is saved by him in the end but still she needs to have sex with lots of people.

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This is exactly why I don't play pool.



I think this might be what you're looking for: https://storiesonline.net/s/33263/brie-falls-behind-the-eight-ball

The author: https://storiesonline.net/a/Warthog has a lot of stories (27) that involve multiple partners for the wives.


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All his stories were posted July 24th, 1999. There is no email listed for Warthog on SOL. A visit to the internet found some of his stories at other sites, notably ASSTR. That site says:

"The Warthog Story Page
The Gang Bang Virgin Series
The Slut HouseWives Series
The Company Trip
This page is maintained by The Warthog. All comments may be sent to warthog@boxtwo.com"

Additional research would be needed to see if there are more than 27 stories available on SOL elsewhere. The ASSTR story files were entered there all on May 4, 1998 except GBV.htm and GBV.zip which show November 5th 1998. The Company Trip series shows they are by Peggy and The Warthog. I suspect The Company Trip stories are not on SOL.

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There is a single story by Warthog called Company Trip on SOL, but it doesn't mention a series.



This is the list of stories from the ASSTR Warthog site.

The Company Trip

by Peggy and The Warthog

Synopsis - Share the experiences of four couples on vacation.

Part 1 - Rick's Story

Part 2 - Wendy's Story

Part 3 - Bill's Story

Part 4 - Pam's Story

Part 5 - Jim's Story

Part 6 - Samantha's Story

Part 7 - Jim Continues

Part 8 - Kim's Story

Part 9 - Greg's Story

Part 10 -Pam Continues

Part 11 -Rick Continues

Part 12 -Wendy's Decision

This page is maintained by The Warthog. All comments may be sent to warthog@boxtwo.com

The story you mention has 12 chapters and this seems to be the same as the names of the 12 parts. So probably this story is on SOL as well.

Ernest Bywater


single story by Warthog called Company Trip on SOL

The SoL story has 12 chapters with names that match the file names from ASSTR. Which makes sense, because SoL has them as individual chapters to a long story, while the typical posting at ASSTR has each chapter as if it's a single story.



Is there a place that says what order The Gang Bang Virgin Series goes in? Or does it even matter?

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I've read most of the stories. The only 2 stories that are related are Tiffany's Filling Experience under the Gang Bang Virgin series and Tiffany Gets Filled Again under the Slut House Wives series.


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