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Guy stops girl from jumping off a bridge by asking her out?


I'm 99% sure this story is by the same author as this other story I asked about recently. Like that story, I'm not sure if I read it here or on some other site.

A college age kid is walking by a bridge when he sees a woman his own age about to jump. He tries to talk her out of it, but she says she's too jaded and jaded to enjoy life anymore. He asks her to go on a date with him to delay her, basically, and they end up having a great time together.

She's still determined to end it after it's over, though, so he walks her back to the bridge and then walks to the other side to commit suicide himself. She gets pissed at him but he says he was already intending to kill himself when he found her. She's too jaded to live, but he's too scared and timid to do anything at all and enjoy life. She brought him out of his shell for a night, but he doesn't want to go back to the way it was, so he's going to kill himself.

The story ends with the girl asking the guy out on a date, and basically they're going to take life one day at a time.

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Could it be Claire, by AJ Martin ?

Edit to add..
I missed the college age kid bit first time through. In Claire the male is much older

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Thanks for responding, but it's definitely not Claire. My story was relatively short.

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Crumbly Writer


it's definitely not Claire. My story was relatively short.

Maybe Claire's little sister? :)



That's another unfinished story arc, to jump to another topic. Along with the 'Beth' series.

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Unfortunately, yes, but at least the first story does stand alone.

The story arc I would most like to see finished is by Black Coffee, as a continuation of 'Sparks' and 'The Gunny and Lenore'. Both complete in their own right, but excellent writing and character development.


Glad to help, and thanks for the link, I've been wanting to reread that one for a long time now


How about https://storiesonline.net/s/62985/saralinda


'Till Dawn' by 3113 is what you're looking for.

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Capt. Zapp


That link takes you to Thirteen's Blog, but the link to the story doesn't seem to work. I don't remember where I got my copy from.

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@Capt. Zapp

From what's been posted here and Thirteen's blog, I found an entry on FictionDB, this gave me something more to search on giving Google results for author Thirteen (one result same as above, one leading to a dead Amazon link) and Julian Keys on five book-selling sites; Julian Keys self-identifies as Thirteen on her blog. I'm sure interested parties should be able to find somewhere to purchase it from with this info.

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Look on fine stories,AView From the Top by Jake Rivers.



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Could it be Claire, by AJ Martin ?

Edit to add..

It appears to be available here.


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