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Rich student kidnapped by waitress' idiot brother?


I'm pretty sure I read this story on a different site, but it's possible I read it here or that it's also here. Either way, I'd appreciate it if anyone could point me towards it.

Two main characters, both college students. One's a take no shit waitress who's putting herself through school, the other is a geeky student who always sits in her section and leaves a $20 tip. Her coworkers think the guy's a creep, she just thinks he's weird. He's a philosophy major or something equally useful, and he's an avowed socialist.

Waitress' idiot brother and his idiot friend find out the geek is from a rich family, so they kidnap him and tie him up in her bedroom, planning to hold him for ransom. When she find out she flips the fuck out, because there is no way this ends well for them, and they lock her in the room with the geek. He thinks she's in on it, she informs him otherwise, and of course they have sex. They get away and he promises not to press charges, which makes him a better man than I. It ends with the two of them dating but she's giving him shit about the idiocy of socialism.

Anyone recognize it?


Sorry I'm no help in finding this story but I hope it is found since this sounds wacky and something I'd like.

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