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Another lost story



I hope someone can help me again finding a story which I can't remember the author of nor it's name.

The plot goes like this: Wife and a neighboor friend like to play tricks on the husband. One day they go too far and let the husband believe they had sex while he was tied us in the cellar or something only able to hear the two pranksters.
This leads to some bitter arguement and (maybe?) divorce.

Any clues are gladly accepted.


"A Joke" by Agena


There are a number of follow up stories by various authors, something that I believe was okayed/encouraged by Agena. Therefore you may have read one of them and not the original.


You guys are great. Thank you very much!

Would you mind telling me the titles of the "sequels" you know, remarcsd? You got me curious now :-)

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Here is some: by by by by by

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