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Same request, different guy


It has been a while, and I don't remember where I read this, but I would like to read it again. High school student is ostracized and sometimes bullied. At a school dance he sees a girl being accosted by a couple of the 'beautiful people' students and goes to her rescue. He gets roughed up, but nothing is done by dance chaperones to the bad guys. He suspected this might occur and had someone ready to video the incident, and threatens to sue bad guys and compliant chaperones. Don't remember anything else about the story. Does this ring a bell with anyone? TIA. (I remember reading this once and would like to read it again.)

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Try Jay Cantrell's Unforgettable Weeks.


Same post/wording as https://storiesonline.net/d/s4/t1264/typical-high-school-underdog-story-i-think inquiring minds would like to know what prompted a new thread instead of a post in the existing one when the thread in questions is just a few days old.


Well, the correct way to bring the query to the head of the list would be to 'bump' it, with a reply posting on the end indicating your ongoing interest (and, if relevant, the non-applicability of previous replies); reposting an entire query gives the impression that you are an arrogant clue-less noob who's not prepared to read back through previous entries (BTW, Lazeez, when can we get a content search function in the forums?), and so make useful replies less likely. Besides, having two threads on the same subject means that interested parties have to search both threads if they know of them, or are likely to miss valid replies in the other thread if they only see the one.


My mistake, I just glanced at the "updated on" date.
Still, same request, same wording and the thread is still on the first page just ten or so positions down, so why the new thread instead of a post in the thread as madnige said?


I just want to find the story!

Jay Cantrell

This request has elements from a scene from Unforgettable Weeks -- Andy and his friends intervene in a domestic altercation at a school dance and video the fight because it involves a popular student.

I doubt that I am the first to use the scenario but, as they say, it was new to me.

Jay C.

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