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Looking for supernatural-devices/abilities driven stories.


Hello, I am new to this genre and not quite sure what's most commonly refereed by. I'm looking for something in an everyday real life where the protagonist has a supernatural device or ability. Examples would be a watch to stop time; a controller to up or down affection, lust, etc; ability to create portals to anywhere including inside panties; xray ability that evolves; so on and so forth.

Thank you in advance!

Dominions Son


Any squicks (categories you would want excluded)?


@Domnions Son, I'm fine with anything except gore/dismemberment.

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Dominions Son



It's in progress and more comic book superhero but with a distinctly supernatural origin for superpowers.



Stories where the MC can stop time include:
So I Can Stop Time; Now What by jack 08180
The Mistake by Cruncher
There is also : So I can Turn Invisible, Now What Do I Do - by jack08180

That should give you a start until more suggestions come in.

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The one which immediately sprang to mind for me was a favourite: Deja Vu Ascendancy

Next to mind was Artie's About Time, not on SOL nor widely available any more.

There are a plethora of storise on SOL which hit this theme, for instance much of Vlfouquet's work, Barneyr's Bob Roberts series, Old Man with a Pen's Wendy's Worlds series (that one's got watches controlling time!)

ETA: It'd be interesting if you could post back to this thread noting which you read an liked, or otherwise.

ETA2: All these links lead to more info, not the stories themselves, so won't use a download



Thanks! They have been added to my reading list!

Hi madnige,

I read Deja Vu Ascendancy already, it was great but I liked the first half more than the latter half.

I can't wait to read the other stories though! Thanks!

Crumbly Writer


I'm looking for something in an everyday real life where the protagonist has a supernatural device or ability.

That's a common theme in many of my stories. Specifically, the 6-volume "Catalyst" series features someone who attracts certain women to him and 'changes' them so they communicate telepathically. They struggle to understand their abilities, eventually learning *** SPOILER *** that his powers originate from his ability to create links to another dimension.

My "Stranded in a Foreign Land" ("Stranded" on SOL) features a young man who discovers a shipwrecked alien and seeks to rescue them before the U.S. government can find, capture and study them.

My currently posting "Singularity" features a NASA astronaut who encounters a strange anomaly which gives him odd abilities.

However, although there are a few sex scenes in a few of the stories, there are no "magically remove panties" spells. :(


Check out the 'Second Time Through' series by Phil Brown. It's a do-over where the returnee gets some telepathic powers this time around.


Ernest Bywater

Th main character in Power Tool is a cyborg with some mentalist abilities he had before he got turned into a cyborg.


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