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Caught my eye, but lost the story


I am looking for a story that kind of caught my eye, the description said it was about a female Marine and her life story, and If I recall, it was a few hundred chapters long. I never got to start it due to reading another story and can no longer find it. . . . . . .

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


a search on 'female marine' found these two

if you can remember anything else, like a name, it would help - these don't seem as long as you remember

edit to add: It may be part of this series;

further edit: the only other long one I can find is this:

Not a few hundred chapters but...
Revenge Inc. - at Golden Groto


I think you may be looking for this

This is the story of the life of Roberta Josephine Jones. Shortened to BJ by her friends. From the battle fields Afghanistan with the Marines, loss of her life time friend, with flash backs to her wild youth. After the Marines she must find her way in the world. This story includes incest, les,rape and other adult themes.

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I remember the story too. After getting out of the service she joined a police force as a deputy. Most of the story followed her adventures there.


Try 'Deputy Porter' by carniegirl.

PS: For some reason this bugged me so I paged through almost 1,000 entries in advanced search to find this. Hope it is the right one.

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IIRC Deputy Porter was former Air Force, not Marines.
If it wasn't for that I would have suggested it as well. It does all come down to how well stories can be remembered by the person seeking, and I know from experience it is easy to misremember and get confused.




I found Deputy Porter, and sequels, to be outstanding. BJ Jones has the problem of hundreds of chapters without any breaks.



THATS IT ! Thank you !



Not the story I was thinking, but looks good too. . . . THANKS !

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