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Hi, i am looking for a story that i read once upon a time and i can't seem to find it anymore. Here is what i remember from the plot:

A guy lives near a mountain with his huge dog (which looks manacing bacause his face is full of scars, idr why). Some day he makes his way inside a cave at the nearby mountain and discovers some sort of forcefield. Using same sort of tube or pipe he can pass through it and finds himself inside a huge cave where he is attacked by a giant spider. he manages to capture her and takes her home. There he realizes that it is not a spider but some alien female that he mistook for a spider because she runs on all four arms/legs. Some time later he goes back into the cave and encounters another alien girl which is more human and they become some sort of couple. Later the story progresses by somehow granting him command over the remnants of the alien fleet and the story turns into a space battle scenario, where they board other ships and save earth.

So that is basically what i remember. It should be enough to pinpoint the story if someone recalls it.
I dont even remember if it was particularly good but sometimes a story just sticks in your head and doesnt let go. Its infuriating.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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by John Wales





Wow, you guys are fast and right :) Thanks a lot.

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