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Running Stories


I am looking for the longest, Running Story. I would not count stories where the hero or other characters do some running as an incidental activity, or Pony-Girl stories where the characters are trained to race or pull chariots as ponies. I am looking for the longest running story, a long story about running.

Stories about marathon runners would qualify. I already have a topic about the longest running story, this isn't that one. I should have set that one up as the longest-running story. This is for the longest running-story. Sort of like my issue with free customer parking being free parking for customers or parking for free customers. You can read the unpunctuated phrase as meaning either one. I am not sure dashes are the right punctuation, but I don't see commas as working properly either. Guidance appreciated.

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Since I can only recall one running story where it is the main focus, I will start off the search with what is probably one of the shortest you would find...
Fun Run by Ernest Bywater - and worth a read despite being short.

Any advance on an 8k ?

Ernest Bywater

There's a few stories where the central character is out running for exercise on an almost daily basis, like Oh Boy and Stupid Boy, but I don't think that's what you really want.





In Deja Vu Ascendency, the main character also does a ton of running, but it isn't the focus.


Crumbly Writer

I seem to remember several Coming of Age stories where the lead character was on the track team, but again, it wasn't the focus of the story, and wasn't flagged as a story code, so it would be almost impossible to search for.



Lubrican posted a story last year, The Dildo that Erased…, where the main protagonist is an avid runner. It's not overly long, but a pretty good read.

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