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Flight of the Code Monkey


I just started reading Flight of the Code Monkey by Kid Wigger.

I've read 5 chapters, and while I love the space parts, I find the "caveman" parts mind-numbingly boring. Luckily, the space part of the story is (atleast so far) much more prominent, as the caveman is just a fairly short part in the beginning of each chapter.

What I was wondering is, will I miss out later in the story if I skip the caveman parts, or atleast just skim them? Will their stories meet up at some point, and I'll be totally lost if I don't read the caveman parts of the story?



The caveman stories were the highlight of the part of the story that I read. I dropped it at like Chapter 10. There are such things as too much description of sex and too much sex in a chapter.
I gave up when the MC said he will go to Section xyz on the ship "quickly" after getting out of bed. 3/4th of the chapter later, he still had sex.
Also, the dialect of the one woman is grating.

Maybe there is a good space story in there somewhere, but I gave up.

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Yes - although they seem separate threads initially, by the present time it's obvious they will be wound together, and you'll have missed the introduction of some obviously important characters and concepts if you just read the Glenndeavor parts; although it takes some time for their introduction, there are parts of the Thessaly thread (the 'unknown planet') which are distinctly non-caveman level (although it's more plains-indian than caveman), and seeing how Ureeblay copes with the new concepts is part of the enjoyment of the story.


Like how he understands and relates to a normal bird which has been cyborged to provide a surveillance platform.


Personally I just skipped most of the "caveman" parts after a bit and enjoyed the scifi part even though they are currently joining backup. It hasn't caused me any problems yet (and I am current with authors releases) following along and I COMPLETELY agree about the "caveman" part being boring.




Well so far after 5 chapters, there hasn't been a single sex scene, other than some masturbation, and those were short. I just find what's going on in the space ship more interesting than on the planet. Alot of it is because Ureeblay so far is alone, he doesn't interact with anyone yet. That will probably change in the future, and I'll find it more interesting when he isn't so isolated.

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From my perspective, a lot of the earlier chapters are about building your character's personality, beliefs, background, etc. It is usually that boring part of the story that has no real action.

Harold Wilson


I was in the same boat as you when I started reading the story. At some point, the caveman parts became more interesting than the spaceman parts, so I went back and read them. The two parts are just about to converge, but haven't quite done so yet. So feel free to skip them for now. You can go back to read them when or if you get caught up.


I personally think that instead of having one volume with the two threads ("caveman" and spacemen) in each chapter the first fifty or so chapters should have been placed into two volumes.

A third volume would start out with the two threads briefly appearing separately before they converge.

I would recommend reading one thread until about chapter 50 then going back and reading the other one. Without revealing any spoilers I think that you might see why I chose that particular chapter once you reach it.


It was initially jarring, but I love both threads. My main complaint is the wait between chapters now.


I read the chapters as written when they were posted. When I was rereading I would read several space chapters in sequence, then go back and read several planet chapters. In both cases there was usually a pause between plot points that made a good switching point.

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Wow, what a pain in the butt. Why not just wait until he finishes the story? Oh wait, he never will if you keep reading partial stories. I don't have enough life left to wait on someone else's prevarication.

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to wait on someone else's prevarication.

It sounds as if you are commenting on Kid Wigger. If so, it would appear that you never bothered to read his blog. He writes when he can, but has recently been too busy with his work to spend much time writing. If you can't accept what we authors can produce when we are able to, then don't read our stories.

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