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Any one else floundering?


I've gotten myself into some long run epic serials. I now find myself caught up with more than 3 MILLION words to read in order to catch up on my active series in my queue!

I'm only human! How long can this go on!?

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Which story do you currently read?



How long can this go on!?

Forever if the story isn't complete.



I now find myself caught up with more than 3 MILLION words to read in order to catch up on my active series in my queue!

You say it like it's a bad thing. :-)

I have recently read a single novel that was over 3 million words! Luckily it was complete.


I prefer a longer story, even three million word stories. That assumes it's a good one though. They are difficult to write with any consistency, often meandering or filled with pointless inserted fap material. Take away the fap and a million plus word story turns into 100k or less for many of them. Extensive peg A, slot B, no matter how descriptive, can ruin a story if used in excess.

On the other hand, when woven into a story properly, it can make the story more believable. Imo, the long stories (few as they are), that balances all story elements, make them worth the time to read. Getting 100k plus into a long story that devolves into chaotic flow makes me avoid that author in the future.

All that said, the good stories described above can go well in excess of three million words.

Crumbly Writer

The secret to those extremely long 'ongoing series' isn't to look at the total number of words posted, but to read it, at your leisure, at a chapter a day/week/month and simply enjoy it for what it is. If the story peters out and becomes less interesting, then simply shift over to one of the many other alternatives.

If the sheer size of the story in question bothers you so much, then simply select the variety of much shorter material, but don't bitch about how you have too many options to choose from, or that you have too many tremendous stories to get too, as that's like bitching 'it terribly being rich, famous and good looking!' It's not a serious complaint.

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