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Damsels in Distress Thought


I read a lot of SOL so the stories start to blend together. I don't remember the name of the story but a large part of the plot was he developed D & D quest and was making money off it. Now here's where my "strange and twisted " idea came what if Kyle Alexander teamed up with Al and developed a game "Chaos" that used scenarios from past rescues to help train the new breed of Heroes and using some kind of tourney and recruited better trained Heroes. As I was thinking this I realized I have no clue how to develop games or what would be the best format. Just a thought thrown into the ether.

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I don't write in the DID universe, but I enjoy the stories. I agree that a Chaos game would be a good way to find and recruit Heroes. Training would have to be done live for survival would depend on conditioned reflexes, muscular strength, and other factors that can only be acquired by doing something.

The Scot can no longer pursue writing, and Ernest Bywater has taken over his stories. Perhaps Ernest will use your idea. Alternatively, Ernest or The Scot could authorize another writer to take on that series.

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