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Learning Curves by Jay Cantrell - The Prologue??


I took notice of the prologue posted to Learning Curves for the first time since beginning to read the serial. I re-read it. Two men in a public park with their young children. I am guessing that the younger man is possibly Phil, but who knows?? (except Jay) This little park meeting must surely be significant to the story. When will we be enlightened? Who are they and how does this fit in to the story?

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I was guessing the children were Phil and Hailey. The attitude of the boy's father matches the background you find out about David when he and his wife go through their rough patch.

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I wonder what happened to Hailey's father. JC will presumably enlighten us at some point.

Jay Cantrell

Patience is a virtue, my friends.

The prologue is an homage to the late, great BlackIrish. He had suggested the scene based on something later in the story.

I resisted because it would remain unresolved through 70% of the story.

After his death, I put this short scene together in tribute.

But, yes, there is a payoff (eventually).

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@Jay Cantrell

I assumed you pay it off at some point. But wild ass guesses and speculation are part of the fun of scenes like that. :)



I was guessing the children were Phil and Hailey

That was my guess as well. The last line of the story: "I get her every other weekend. We have a camping trip coming up but after that ... I'm all for it." That implied to me that something happened to Hailey's father on the camping trip, and they didn't meet up again.


Here endeth the speculation.
What did JC call another character in another story? Hateful Hannah.

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As a father the loathing that I already had for that character was multiplied 1000x. I was like, ya know, he's being kinda harsh on her initially. Now I wish she had died a painful inglorious death.


I quit reading the story because the sex became the main feature. At first there was a good amount of discussion of the relationship between the group. I never read the jerk off stories.

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There is far more to the story than sex. Keep reading. You will also discover the secrets of the Prologue.


Agreed. Jay is one of the best on SOL. And Learning Curves has so much to give. It's sexy, but not overbearing at all. If there is too much sex for you in Learning Curves, I question why you are on an adult story site at all. It is mainly plot driven.

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Jay Cantrell himself indicated there was more sex in that story than in any other of his, except Daze in the Valley which was about some porn stars.
You gotta take the rough with the smooth.

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You gotta take the rough with the smooth.

With some authors, even a rough ride can be very enjoyable.

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