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Paul Phenomenon


Has anyone a clue whether this author is still around? His stories are dated 8-ish years ago (and older) but are really well written.

Thanks for any info you might know.


I'm still around. I read stories on SOL almost everyday, but writing, at my age (78), is too difficult now. I want to thank all my readers and reviewers. You've been more than kind. Your modest praise lifts my soul.

Ernest Bywater


writing, at my age (78), is too difficult now

I can understand that. However, would it be too much to ask you to complete the two incomplete stories, or to give a summary of what's still to happen to someone with the permission for them to complete the stories for you?

Only asking, is all.



Thank you for your stories, Paul. I have spent many enjoyable hours reading them.



Thank you Paul. I have read a few of them.

Crumbly Writer

Just curious, and feel free if the question is per personal, but what's preventing you from writing? Failing memory, lack of access, insufficent energy? I'm only asking, because as an author, I'm fascinated by what I potentially face. Although I'm younger, as a juvenile diabetic for around 45 years, there's no telling how much time I have. (I'm likely to either lose my vision, or lose a limb and then suffer complications, neither of which can really be anticipated and planned.)

Knowing how others made the decision to quit will (hopefully) give me more a sense of when it's allowable to give up the writing ghost.

P.S. Aside from my being overly morbid, it's wonderful to hear that you're still around, still online and active. It's terrific you can enjoy the fruits of your labors.

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@Crumbly Writer

a sense of when it's allowable to give up the writing ghost.

I'm surprised at you CW. Didn't you know writers never stop writing. If they die, they just become ghost writers.



Paul – I just finished rereading your Hawk, A Stone Age Spirit Guide for the (nth) time – I don't know, maybe the 6th or 8th. The last few sentences in that story are "But with goals achieved new goals must be made. What next? I asked myself. But that's a different story. Perhaps someday, if encouraged, I will tell you that story."

Then... on your authors page with all of your stories there's no blog, just an email link. So... so many folks that have written stories that have not posted for several years have passed on, sometimes with no notice that they're gone. I suppose I should have written first before posting the question here, but I assumed the worst, and for that I apologize.

Regardless, I'm saddened that you're not able to continue writing as your point of view and story telling was... well, if not unique, at least unusual – and that meant in a highly complementary way.

As another poster in this thread commented, perhaps you'd be willing to work with other folks to help complete some of the unfinished tales or even consult/collaborate on new tales that follow on to your stories – for me that is specifically more of your Hawk world.

But you have my highest regards for your previous work and I hope that life is still good even though you're no longer actively writing.

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